Lodi Dispensary Apothecarium Features NJ State’s First Drive-through Dispensary

Lodi Apothecarium Features NJ State’s First Drive-through Dispensary

On the 26th of July 2022, in New Jersey and Toronto, a North American leading cannabis operator, TerrAscend Corp., announced The Apothecarium Lodi opening. It was the 27th location to be opened and third in New Jersey overall. Adult use sales and medical began the same day they opened the dispensary.

TerrAscend’s Executive Chairman, Jason Wild, stated that the state’s first drive-thru has been built off routes 17 and 1-80 and is among the busiest highways within New Jersey. They believe that their growth is majorly from the Apothecarium Lodi dispensary. Bringing its retail experiences excites them, the special Cookies Corner shop-in-shop, and the state’s widest product assortment while building the local community’s meaningful relationships.

Located at 200 NJ-17 are a spacious showroom and an interactive “bud bar” that allow shoppers to view and have a scent before purchasing products. The dispensary measures 5,000 square feet. To experience the first ever drive-thru dispensary in New Jersey, patients and consumers via the Apothecarium app can order online for delivery. Located among Northern New Jersey’s most populous regions, 14 miles off Manhattan and near the iconic Satin Dolls “Bada Bing” is the Apothecarium Lodi.

It connects Maplewood and Philipsburg, conveying the largest array of coveted Cookies, Gage, and Kind Tree branded products and accessories. They include pre-rolls, vapes, concentrates, and syringes. Also, the company’s premium California edibles brand is the Valhalla soft chewable tablets. Lodi was built for the community and the state. While building relationships is important to their model, it is also important that patients can maintain their road to wellness and find peace.

A grand opening party will be hosted at the Apothecarium on the 13th of August to celebrate their opening day. It will be an outdoor market-style event at the dispensary. They will fill it with games, raffles, joint and blunt rolling tutorials, local food vendors, giveaways, and the local organization’s donations.

Their operating hours are daily from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM in Northern New Jersey near me. They offer dedicated medical patient service and advice for all your needs. These include priority lines and patient-only daily hours for the first two business hours. Kindly visit apothecariumnj.com or apothecarium.com for more information about The Apothecarium products and services.

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