Dispensary Content Marketing Strategy

4 Building Blocks of a Content Market Strategy Unique to Your Dispensary

If you want to make sure that your dispensary stands out among the others, you must make sure that you have a relevant content marketing strategy. So many people think that it is just easy to put content out there on your dispensary and keyword it. It is good to have an excellent marijuana dispensary SEO strategy, however, you will never make it in the business if you rely on this alone. It is very important to make sure that you have relevant content that interests readers. Interested readers equal interest in your dispensary.

Content is not just limited to articles. Content is graphics, videos, written content, as well as infographics. You want to make sure that your content not only advertises and informs. You will want to make sure it educates and engages your customer, every single day. As a cannabis dispensary, you will want to reach all the elements of the customer’s experience. Below are 5 ways that you can get your cannabis dispensary noticed.

1. Blogging

If you do not already have a blog, get one. The blog will act as an information hub for all of the information surrounding your dispensary. You will want to make sure that you keep the site updated frequently. Make sure that you are using the right SEO. You can write pieces that will reach people, instead of writing irrelevant content that is not geared towards your clientele. The better your content is, the more engaging it will be, and it will attract a higher-ranking spot.

One of the most important things that you can do on your blog is to highlight all aspects of the cannabis industry. Do not stick to just one part of it though. Highlight the best practices of those in marijuana retail, share things about marijuana laws, and share any new information about the cannabis industry as you hear it. This will allow you to become the first source people go to for cannabis information. Every day, there is a ton of information coming out about cannabis from even the best content writing services for blog articles like WordLead. Some of this information is true, while other information is false. It is up to you to be a truthful information hub for people.

When you work on your guest blogging strategy, remember that there is never too much guest post blogging. You can blog every single day, as long as you make sure that you are posting relevant topics that people want to read. Make sure that each blog is informative and attention-grabbing.

2. Infographics

Many people learn by graphics. It has been said that about 65 percent of all people, learn better when information is presented to them in graphics, photos, and illustrations. Many people just do not have the time or the want to sit and read through large blocks of texts. You should always have a graphic alternative on your blog to help those that are visual learners.

If you do your infographics right, you will get more potential customers as well as educate your followers. and it will help your marijuana SEO You can also make sure that important cannabis information reaches them as well. Infographics will add knowledge to your customers and the internet.

3. Graphics

When someone comes onto your page, it generally takes 3 seconds for them to decide whether or not they want to do business with you. If you do not engage them as soon as they are on your site, you will lose the business. This is why it is so important to us quality graphics. When building your website you do not want to just go to Google and get the generic stock photos. You will want to make sure that you have quality photos from places like Pixabay and iStockPhoto. These photos will help your website to be interesting enough for people to want to stay on.

If you want to up your graphics game, consider hiring a photographer. A photographer can come out and take pictures of your dispensary, including the products that you sell. This will help people to see what they are getting, and help them to know that you do care about what you are selling.

4. Social Media

You can have the nicest site possible and still fail at your business if you are not active in social media. In this day in age, social media is all the rage, and your dispensary must be involved.

Join all the popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Instagram. You will want to make sure that you engage in all kinds of cannabis dispensary marketing conversations. You should make sure that you are posting fresh content each and every day. This will help to keep your dispensary relevant and in their faces. The more they see it, the more likely they are to come to your website. The only thing that you need to make sure of is, that you keep up with all the rules and regulations of each social media platform.

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