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    Dispensary Marketing Services

    Online Dispensary Marketing Strategy

    Before you take the trip, it’s important to plan your journey.

    As your partner, we’ll help you execute and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that’s ROI-driven and results-focused to increase your revenue, build your brand, and nurture customer loyalty. We’ve got you covered from mobile strategy, loyalty programs, and customer acquisitions. For a reasonable investment, we want to deliver the highest ROI to your dispensary.

    Designing and Developing Your Website

    It begins with your website.

    Consumers will not tolerate bad website design, especially websites that are not mobile-friendly in the new era of smartphones. It’s essential to have instinctive usability and a proper design in order to create an experience for users that your audience will truly appreciate. We will give your website a comprehensive audit that will meet each benchmark from SEO to user experience.

    Mobile Strategies

    Mobile marketing is essential.

    You don’t have a strategy at all if you don’t have a mobile strategy. Over 60% of your customers will use their smartphones to access your website. But don’t worry. We will work with your company to develop a mobile strategy that will ensure your site is optimized and responsive as well as leverage data that’s local-sensitive to send notifications and marketing messages that will help drive traffic to your dispensary.

    Marketing via Email

    We will do the work for you and keep it simple!

    Unfortunately, most dispensaries do not have the resources including the expertise, the time, or even the staff, to manage, develop, or execute the needs of their email marketing strategy. This is your lucky day if this sounds like you. As part of our online dispensary marketing strategy, we have Dispensary Marketing, which provides fully managed email marketing solutions for your business. These services will deliver results while saving you money and time. Furthermore, our turnkey solution includes deployment, list management, mailing setup, campaign creation, and ideation, and strategy.

    Marijuana Dispensary SEO

    Search Marketing Strategy

    It starts with using Google and making sure you get found.

    It’s an understatement to say that your search strategy is fundamental to your digital strategy. You’re invisible if no one can find you. It takes a lot of time, resources, and expertise to make a search strategy effective. Dispensary Marketing will assist you in developing an organic marijuana SEO strategy that’s comprehensive and focused on driving more customers to your website, building your brand, and driving more customers to your dispensary.

    Local Marketing Strategy

    Market locally while thinking globally.

    Local Marketing requires you to seriously think about who your potential customers might be including where your customers are, what motivates them, and what your competitors are up to. We will develop a local strategy with you including how to gain local media exposure, cross-promotion with other local businesses, targeting social media users who are local, sponsoring local events, and managing your listing in local directories and searches.

    Content Marketing Strategy

    It’s all about sharing, curating, and creating.

    Content marketing is all about creating content that’s remarkable and can be shared across multiple media outlets. Cannabis enthusiasts and customers will appreciate an effective strategy that involves the distribution, publishing, and creation of good solid content. Your customers will have questions to ask because they will want to learn more about how to safely consume edible cannabis or how cannabis could help someone treat chronic pain. We have some of the best writers in the industry with extensive experience in writing for some of the biggest cannabis outlets such as Wikileaf and Leafly.

    Cannabis Digital Marketing Services

    Social Media Strategy

    Become social and more engaged.

    Social media’s influence over your dispensary can never be underestimated. Word-of-mouth is even more important online than ever before. A large percentage of your customers can be found on cannabis-related social channels, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media is highly effective in reaching new customers while building customer loyalty all at the same time. We will help you develop a strategy that will allow you to engage with your audience by developing sharable, original content and curating relevant content. We will make sure you excel online.

    Reputation / Loyalty Management

    Maintain your reputation through loyalty.

    It’s essential to maintain your reputation by building customer loyalty. This is often overlooked in a dispensary’s digital strategy. While you’re building customer loyalty, what influences your reputation? From how you are perceived in the marketplace including every piece of information that’s available online about your dispensary as well as every review, all of these puzzle pieces influence how prospective and current customers view your business as a whole. A stellar reputation can be lost very quickly. Dispensary Marketing will work with you closely to ensure that you foster loyal customers by building a flawless reputation.

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