Tips on Enhancing Dispensary Menus

Ways You Can Improve Your Dispensary’s Menu

The key to good sales, and in turn, profits, with a cannabis dispensary is in the menu. Specifically, a successful establishment will have a menu that is easily read, comprehensive and current. There are several tricks and tips to improving your dispensary’s menu that will pull in more customers willing to spend on your products. The following list covers five notable examples of these techniques; following even one of them is sure to improve your dispensary’s visibility and customer base.

Use a Digital Menu

When your inventory is constantly cycling out, you may think it best to resort to either a chalkboard or even a whiteboard to state what you have in stock. While this might do for your first few months of business, it can give the impression of a rookie outfit lacking professionalism and may even lead to confusion in your budget-minded clientele. You can give your business a good sense of professionalism and excellence by using digital signage.

Just install some HDTVs synced with your dispensary’s software to give an accurate inventory of your menu in real time. Not only will this improve your business’ look but it also takes far less work to keep accurate. Digital menus can cycle through products, feature discounts and show off new merchandise.

Feature Your Lab Results

Showing off the results of every strain you have has tested in a lab is a welcome signal to customers who know exactly what they want to buy and also newcomers to the world of cannabis. While most customers may not know what to do with the information presents in lab analysis, presenting that information to your customers makes for the perfect opportunity for employees to inform them about the distinction between terms like CBD and THC.

Dispensary staff members need only type in the lab results when creating a product’s profile and this information can then be made available for whichever strain a customer might be interested in. Because this practice educates your customers, it leaves them better informed about their purchases and improves the prestige of your dispensary’s specific menu.

example of good dispensary menus
Stick to HD Imagery

People shop with their eyes, so taking a photo of every strain you happen to sell is vital to getting customers to spend their cash on your products. When you consider just how important visuals are, the purchase of a camera capable of high-definition photos seems like a sensible investment in the future of your business. A digital or online dispensary menu like this one that offers close-ups of various strains to the point that their trichomes and crystals are easily visible can do wonders for loosening customers’ pursestrings.

While it takes time to upload HD images into your inventory, that extra time investment pays off with a visually appealing and comprehensive digital menu. Furthermore, you can gain extra use of these images with any sort of online presence your store has.Optimize Your Categories

Optimization is another important element of menus. Divvying up your product into separate, distinct categories will make it much easier for your customers to narrow down what they are in the market for among your offerings. Suitable search fields should include:

  • Flower
  • Edibles
  • Concentrates
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals
  • Accessories

How you design and organize your menu plays a huge role in your success as a Cannabis Retailer Association member. The trick is to figure out the perfect middle ground between too much information and too little of it.

Product Descriptions

Inventing creative yet detailed descriptions for each of your strains will greatly help customers understand your products’ effects. Information regarding the influence on each sense will help customers better understand what a strain will do for them, so make sure to to cover the smell, taste and feel of each product.

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